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Why Nusa Lembongan for my wedding?

We'd love to be able to share your wedding experience with you and create the wedding of your dreams.

Nusa Lembongan is an incredible wedding destination, and much more than just another ubiquitous wedding. Weddings on Nusa Lembongan are very much an experience over a few days, and when done well will become the focus point of memories and some of the most shared stories amongst friends for years to come.

The island has this unique way of captivating people; likely you have already fallen victim to its charm which is why you are reading into having a wedding in this special part of the world, so we're peaching to the choir.

In many ways Nusa Lembongan is akin to that boyfriend or girlfriend, that you know has its flaws, but is somehow just perfect. Somehow you know you're family and friends will be able to relate and fall in love with with the place for the same reasons that you did.

Nusa Lembongan is naturally stunning, home to amazing people, and a tropical oasis; chances are your wedding guests to their new favourite holiday destination. We see this happen time and time again!
A few reasons why Nusa Lembongan is an awesome place to get married include:

- The natural beauty to the island (just about everywhere on the island creates for beautiful photography).

- There is so much to do for your guests of all interests and ages, and so many reasons for your guests to fall in love with the island.

- The sense of adventure that comes with being on a remote tropical island - yet not be completely off-the-grid.

- The small size of the island which makes it great fun for exploring with your special friends and family. There is none of this "I'm going to Uluwatu for the day", or "I'm going to Canggu for the day" and everyone is splinterred and no-one actually sees each other to share the experience. It's a similar charm to going to a small country town in many respects.

- Everyone is away from their familiar environment and on holidays, so they bring the best version of themselves and will be "present" for the experience.

Can I stay at the resort and have my wedding elsewhere?

Of course you can!

Whilst our venue is absolutely stunning, we know that people will have their own dreams for their perfect Lembongan wedding. If there is another venue you prefer to have your ceremony or reception at, but you want to base yourself at Ohana's, then that's completely cool with us and we've done that on plenty of occasions previously.

We have a range of accommodation within our offering that is suitable for your friends and family.

Our resort accommodation has a sleeping basic capacity of 50 people (assuming 2 adults per bedroom), though this capacity can be expanded to 70 people if the suites and junior suites are configured for sleeping in the living rooms.

We also have a range of private villas under our premier AQUA NUSA brand. AQUA NUSA has additional sleeping capacity for 20 people (assuming 2 adults per bedroom) across our mix of 1, 2 & 3-bedroom villas.

So we comfortably can cater for weddings of up to 90 people in our accommodation.

Often we find the parents and grandparents staying in some of our private villas at AQUA NUSA, and the wedding party and friends stay at Ohana’s beachfront resort and beach club; though it’s obviously your choice on what works best for your group.

The benefit of booking out all of the accommodation at Ohana's is it means you and your group of 50+ guests will enjoy:

- Being based in the heart of the main town on Nusa Lembongan
- Directly on the beach at a boutique beachfront resort
- World class surfing directly out the front on the outer-reefs
- Calm swimming at lagoon protected by the outer reef at our doorstep
- Exlcusive use of our resort pool and swim up bar
- Direct access to the beach club without needing to leave the property!

We can also make suggestions to alternative accommodation that we think is suitable to your group's requirements following discussion with you (should our offerings be above budget for some of your invitees for example).

Can I have Ohana's host part or all of my wedding?


We would be pleased to be able to work with you on hosting part or all of your wedding.

Some people wish to have their entire event at our beachfront resort, whilst others prefer to stay with us and have a couple of events around the wedding at our beach club, for example welcome sunset drinks a couple of nights before the big day, and a recovery pool party the day after the main event.
It's your wedding so you can mix and match and have us involved as little or as much as you would like!

If you book all of our accommodation, you and your group will have exclusive private use to our resort pool with swim-up bar for the duration of your stay.

We're also happy to help organise some group activities whilst your wedding guests are on the island, such as multiple boats for a large snorkelling & island tour by boat which is often a real highlight.

How long should my guests stay on the island?

We often find that couples hosting a destination wedding will put together a bit of a FAQ for their guests who may not be familiar with Nusa Lembongan.

Generally for a destination wedding to Nusa Lembongan, the majority of guests will be on the island for at least 4-days, with the close family typically staying for at least a week (so they can be around to settle in prior to the wedding).

The wedding is all about creating your dream event, and for most people that is also about ensuring their guests also have an amazing time!

To have your guests really raving about your wedding for years to come, you want your guests to have enough time to be able to enjoy the island, not just arrive last minute before the main event, and taking off 5-minutes after the reception.

It really isn't enough time for your guests to enjoy what the island has to offer, and truly experience the destination.

By having time to settle in, go on a snorkelling tour, explore the island and get in the swing of things your guests get to really experience the charm of the island.

That is likely what attracted you to having your dream wedding in this beautiful part of the world, and what will have your guests already raving about how much fun they are having even before the big day.

Trust us, it really sets the vibe for a great wedding!

If you're looking at having your wedding with us, you probably know that whilst the boat ride is part of the experience, it really isn't the best part to the whole Lembongan adventure. You don't want you're guests arriving late, being held up by a delayed boat, or having a bumpy boat ride, and then tapping out on your wedding day (it can happen).

We'd suggest encouraging your guests to stay for long enough that they can have at least two days prior to the main wedding day on the island to explore, and then leave after the recovery day (as who really wants to be packing up and getting on a boat the day after a wedding).

Why Ohana's for my wedding?

1. Most importantly, do it because it's what you want!

Don't let us or anyone else sell you on it.

If you are choosing to have your wedding with us, do it because it's what you want. It's your choice.

We're not perfect, we'll do our best, though a Lembongan wedding and a wedding at our venue needs to be because you love the island, and love what our venue represents.

We've never had a wedding (or probably even a day) go perfectly smooth. If absolute seamless perfection is what you are after, then maybe a big city wedding is for you.

If you've fallen in love with the location and feel it is reflective of the things that are important to you, then you're the right person to have a wedding at Ohana's.

We're the non-fussy, easy-going sorts, who enjoy a bit of luxury and most of all value precious times with those important to us.

2. Flexibility

You'll find our approach to creating your wedding experience to be quite flexible, and not "package" based, like a lot of venues trying to cookie cutter your wedding experience which you may find at some of the larger hotels.

We hope that this is evident through this section of our website, which is relatively informal, and is really a basis to give you some ideas for your dream wedding.

A lot of venues will want or expect you to do everything with them in a package.

We are more than happy for you use our venue in a variety of ways to put together your dream wedding:

- Stay with us, or don't
- Have your ceremony with us, or don't
- Have your reception with us, or don't
- Have events around your wedding (welcome drinks, recovery pool parties) with us, or don't

3. Various accommodation and property size.

We have a range of accommodation to suit most budgets. We can recommend great alternatives for budgets that we don't cater to or if you have surplus requirements.

With a range of 1, 2 & 3-bedroom resort rooms and villas, our property is a great size for a lot of wedding parties to consider filling all of our rooms, which means they get exclusive use to some of the resort amenity for the duration of their stay.

It's like having a private resort all to yourself, with a cool beachfront beach club at your doorstep!

Depending on your guests (singles, families, couples etc), it often only takes about 40 guests to book out our accommodation, though we have capacity up to 90 people. 4. All weather reception venue

Wedding receptions are held on our rooftop bar which features a louvre roof that can be opened or closed depending on the elements. This offers huge peace-of-mind and reduces stress for everyone involved as it means there are no last minute changes to set up or needing to keep an eye on the weather all day.

Most reception venues on Nusa Lembongan will need to have a "back-up" option for wet weather, which can cause last minute scrambling (trust us, you do not want this on your wedding day), or you not having your reception in the space you actually had hoped for. 5. Transparent pricing If it's too good to be true, it probably is. What you'll get from us is transparent pricing and a quality service, no beating around the bush. We're happy to go through the effort of working with you to create your dream wedding, and we will price accordingly.

1. The Australian owners were married on the Island

The Australian owners of Ohana's were married on Nusa Lembongan. This was before being business owners on the island (at a time when they lived in Sydney and worked in Finance).

They know what it takes to pull a wedding together on Nusa Lembongan, including the logistics and things to think about that may not be so obvious for having an island wedding.

They've been there and done it for themselves and for others.

Whilst your wedding planner will be front and centre in coordinating most of the external "services", you can have confidence that the venue will meet expectations and will be another check and balance in place to help things go smoothly.

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